Marketing is the lifeblood of any organization but is even more important in the case of startups. Larger organizations can rely on brand value and previous customers, but startups need to market effectively to sustain themselves and rapidly grow. Here in this article, we look at some of the effective strategies according to experts in the marketing domain.

Social Media Marketing

1. Boost posts

If you have a page with over 100 likes, then after you post something there will be an option to boost the post. Boosting can cost you about $30, but it is a required investment. Recent facebook analysis of business posts reveals that only 6% of posts relating to businesses is being seen by active users. So invest in boosting the right posts to make all the difference.

2. What works and what doesn’t

Facebook should be one of your greatest assets. The social media website offers one of the cheapest CPM’s on the market today. With the power editor “duplicate” tool, you can create hundreds of ads. Change a particular element in each of the ads and roll them out. In time you should be able to understand what strategy works and what doesn’t. Once you have knowledge of which advertisements work then all you have to do is keep rolling out strategies that work and kill the ones that don’t work.

3. Twitter Engagement


The Hilton is a prime example when it comes to retweeting and engaging with the online audience. There are other organisations as well that go over, and beyond the normal route of just talking about your company, they have found ways to keep up with the times and engage with their audience. Organizations make the most out of slips up that their competitors make in hilarious posts that strike a chord with users.


1. Pay-per-click

Most people tend to restrict themselves to Google when it comes to pay-per-click marketing strategies. But there are a lot of people who don’t particularly enjoy the Google experience, and they can form a critical part of your customer base. So there is no harm in researching other pay-per-click options. The search engine Bing, for example, is used widely by baby boomers.

2. Ads to Keyword Ratio

Most organizations have one advertisement for a bunch of keywords. This method is not only a waste of money but also highly ineffective. The key is to have one ad per keyword and if that seems too much then group up ads for a particular keyword. Then sit back and look at those ads that work and those that don’t. Based on your analysis, roll out grouped ads that work.